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   Rev. Krzysztof Paluch

Bernadine Smierciak
  Director of Religious Education

Dr. Michelle Walthers
School Principal 

Brenna Baker
Administrative Assistant
Contact Information-
St. Christopher Religious Education guides parents and guardians 
in leading their children to a loving encounter with Jesus Christ.
Our curriculum integrates liturgy, prayer, church traditions, 
service, and study to prepare the next generation 
of active participants and leaders of Catholic Church.

Classes for children in grades 1st- 8th are held September through May.

Please contact us if we can assist you in any way!
Office: 14611 S. Keeler Ave.            (Room 21 of the school)
             Midlothian, IL 60445

*Please go to the glass doors of the school located in the church parking lot (door 212) to access the Religious Education Center, and ring bell.                                 

Phone: 708-388-4040  

Office Hours:   
M,W,TH- 11am-4pm 
(or by appointment) 

Tuesdays- 1pm-8pm 
                 (on class nights)

Closed Fridays

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 As primary educators of your children, parent involvement is a necessity for the success of this Religious Education Program. We expect that parents will take an active part in the Religious Education Program by: 
 + Regularly attending weekend liturgy with the family

+ Celebrating monthly Religious Education liturgies 
   and prayer services with the student body 

+ Participating in all sacramental preparation    
   gathering and celebrations 
News & Events

Due to the Covid-19 Shelter-in-place order, 
all Religious Education classes for the remainder 
of the 2019-2020 school year are cancelled.

All celebrations of Sacraments have been postponed.  
First Communion and Confirmation families will be notified 
when rescheduling information is available.