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Preparing Older Children for the Sacraments...
We understand that sometimes families have faced obstacles that may have delayed the reception 
of sacraments. In carrying forth the mission of Jesus, we are here to help you on your journey in faith.  

Please call us to arrange an appointment and work out a plan that will best help your family with entering 
a relationship with Jesus through the sacraments.

Families having children in Grade 3 or above who are baptized but without any formation (instructions) 
will be placed in a special sacraments "catch-up" class to help prepare them for the celebrations 
of Reconciliation and Eucharist. 

The length of this process varies depending on the child's understanding 
of their faith and their parents willingness to walk beside their child and become 
a leader of faith through example and weekly Mass attendance.

Children who have not been baptized, but wish to enter the Catholic faith are also welcome.

Please call our office to set up a family interview for placement in classes.

We will no longer be accepting High School Students for Confirmation study.  

The Archdiocese will be holding special classes for High School aged young people wishing
 to be Confirmed in the Catholic Church.  

Please call us for details for enrolling your high schooler for Confirmation.
Please call the Religious Education Office and we will be happy to assist you in a plan for formation instruction.